The Dhammayangyi Temple is a Buddhist temple located in the historic center of Bagan in Myanmar . Largest of all the temples in Bagan, the Dhammayan as it is popularly known, was built during the reign of King Narathu (1167-1170). Narathu, ascended the throne by murdering his father Alaungsithu and his older brother. Presumably he built this great temple to atone for their sins

The Dhammayangyi was built on a similar plan to the temple of Ananda. Burmese chronicles state that while the construction of the temple was at the end, the king was murdered by some intruders Indians and hence the temple was not completed. Sinhalese sources, however, indicate that the king was killed by invading Ceylon.

Currently its main access is from the north, passing through one of the four great gates of the outer wall that are placed in the four cardinal directions.

The exterior of the temple resembles the Ananda Temple and the Thatbyinnyu with two horizontal divisions on each wall. The original outer covering as few as ten percent there. The interior of the temple is walled by unknown thus reasons only the four porticos and exterior corridors are accessible.